Rainmaker Collective™

Designed for business development professionals and founders ready to grow their network & close more sales.

Relationships Build Wealth

Rainmaker Collective is for you if you want to grow your network and hone your skills in relationship-building and closing sales.

This is for you if you are looking for a confidential peer group with group accountability and a space to build relationships and collaborate with others. 

Discovering your specific salesperson style and unlocking the right mindset gives you the confidence to build meaningful connections in a way that works for you. In addition to understanding yourself and your style, understanding different customer types can help you best communicate what you bring to the table to solve people’s problems. Lastly, understanding meaningful metrics and having a system in place can help you stay on track of what’s working and what’s not.

This collaborative group mastermind is for you if you’re…

  • ZUnsure of how to build your successful business through your relationships
  • ZUnsure of the metrics that help you free up time and increase cashflow
  • ZUnsure if your efforts are going to the most effective places
  • ZUnsure who your best strategic partners are
  • ZUnclear on how to show up authentically and still make sales

What We Will Explore Together



Gain self-awareness on your sales-person style. Learn how to sell from your sales style zone of genius to achieve bigger results with greater ease. Reframe your mindset by uncovering and reprograming your limiting beliefs. Finally, discover strategies and tools to help you stay motivated and focused.

Understanding Others

Understanding how others communicate will lessen the struggle in business development. Get clear on who your strategic partners are so you can speak their language, build rapport and create win-win opportunities. This will also help you develop the confidence to ask for the sale in conversations. 

Tracking Your Success

To track success, you first need to know which activities will create the biggest returns, like follow through and follow up. Then, learn how to create and track KPIs to gauge progress and work with greater flow and ease. Lastly, learn to celebrate your wins.

Outcomes You Will Achieve

  • ZGet Clarity

Are you selling services that light you up? Or does it feel like a means to an end? You’ll get clear on what services are aligned to achieve bigger results with greater ease

  • ZStay Accountable

Create and track KPIs and track which activities create the greatest KPIs

  • ZMotivation & Mindset Shifts

Uncover and reprogram your limiting beliefs and gain strategies and tools to help you stay motivated and keep a focused mindset.

  • ZGain Confidence

Develop confidence for sales conversations you are having and confidence to ask for the sale, and have empowered conversations with your leaders & ask for what you need.

  • ZLearn to Build Quality Strategic Partnerships

Understand who your power partners are so you can add value, build rapport, and build win-win relationships 

  • ZLearn to Celebrate YOU!

Celebrate your wins with others, and work with greater flow and ease


We’ll get clear on WHY you are here doing this work and together face what is holding you back. Let’s let sales and business development be easy.



This season we will connect the new-founded spark of inner magic to the way you do business by exploring HOW to enhance your business development and sales strategy.


The focus here is on SUSTAINABLE growth. How do you expand upon what you are building and continue to grow but also stay in that Zone Of Genius? And how do we build strategic relationships that create win-win and referral opportunities?

Group Membership





  • ZAccountability From Your Peers & Myself
  • ZPrivate LinkedIn group
  • ZBi-monthly 60 minute calls
  • ZGroup Work Mastermind


Rainmaker Collective meets on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday from 10:00-11:00 AM Pacific Time 

Monthly payments | No Long-term Commitment

Group Membership + 1-1


  • ZAccountability From Your Peers & Myself
  • ZPrivate LinkedIn group
  • ZBi-monthly 60 minute calls
  • ZMonthly 1-1 Call Support + Bonus Call Before You Start


Rainmaker Collective meets on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday from 10:00-11:00 AM Pacific Time 

Monthly payments | No Long-term Commitment

Emily is the most amazing business coach I’ve ever met or worked with. She is brilliantly intuitive, caring, energetic, and empathetic, and truly wants her clients to succeed in every way. In only two sessions, she encouraged and ignited changes in my thinking and branding that have grown my business incredibly in the last 6 months. I highly recommend Emily Bissen of Blue Heron Partners.

Lynn Herkes

Founder and Chief Engineer, WOWSuccessTeam©

Emily has an amazing way of inspiring me and showing me how to have a more focused and effective business development process. Since working with Emily I have a better mindset and an organized plan to get more appointments and have better conversations. I would recommend Emily’s coaching expertise if you strive to make more profit and have a better business. She will show you how to make better connections, build better relationships, have a great mindset with a more effective plan.

Tom Marquez

Co-owner, ActionCOACH Mind Links

Emily builds community with her clients to find their strengths and in group settings, we are allowed to maximize our talents and networking skills by practicing them in her cohort. She makes getting outside of your comfort fun and less intimidating. I enjoyed the tips on attracting my ideal client with curiosity and consistency.

Araceli Esparza

Founder of Midwest Mujeres Collective, Diversity speaker, and Culture connector

Aren’t sure if this is for you?

If you have some BHAGs fueling your fire but aren’t sure where to begin making things happen, this group will help you build a plan of action that eliminates the gap between thinking big and achieving big. If you feel like you’ve tried it all and you’ve gotten nowhere, this group will help you uncover the secret to making your sales processes work for you. If you’re hustling day in and day out but don’t have clear goals or metrics for success, this group will lay it out on the line.

If you’re ready to learn business development, sales, and strategic partner development best practices, this group is for you. Since most businesses need marketing and selling support, we focus on building your confidence, identifying opportunities, growing your network, and closing more sales.

Ready to Get Started?

You have what it takes to build your business and achieve the success you desire. Let’s work together to figure out how to tap into that potential!