1-1 Business Development

Showing service-based providers how to improve their sales pipeline for better leads and better results.

What Can I Expect?

I have space to work side by side with 3 founder-led organizations over the next 6 months on a custom sales training solution to help you close more sales and sell higher value! This is for you if:

  • ZYou’re tired of leaving money on the table
  • ZYour average client/service offerings are $2,000-$5,000 on average each
  • ZYou desire to hit a minimum of $100K in annual revenue by the end of 2022

What is 1-1 Business Development?

Together we will meet regularly to:

  • ZReview the opportunities in your pipeline
  • ZIdentify 100% more leads that are sitting in your existing relationships right now!
  • ZDevelop your sales conversation
  • ZReview your proposals in progress
  • ZDevelop continuity in lead nurturing
  • ZHow to build rapport with customers

How can I benefit?

Approach sales with increased confidence and consistency so no money is left on the table. You’ll learn to hone your sales cycle, better demonstrate the value of your services and close more high-value leads. As a relationship-driven sales expert, I’ve contributed to closing more than $500K in service-based sales in the last year.

What We Will Explore Together


Optimizing your pipeline

We will look at your existing pipeline to identify qualified leads.

Defining your sales conversations

We will develop your syntax in a way that most easily and confidently demonstrates value.

Reframing your mindset

Stop looking at what’s working for everyone else while you wonder where you went wrong. Learn techniques to create a growth mindset that will fuel your sales. 

Not sure where to start?

Our simple 10-question assessment is built to help founders, business development and sales professionals, and team leaders determine where they stand when it comes to building a solid foundation for their business.

Ready to Get Started?

You have what it takes to build your business and achieve the success you desire. Let’s work together to figure out how to tap into that potential!