About Blue Heron

Blue Heron is a sales training and coaching company that helps founders, business development professionals, and sales professionals find the right strategies that help them connect with their ideal prospects with success and ease.

Better Connections for Better Results

True connection happens through sharing stories and thought-provoking conversations. At the end of the day, we just want to be heard. People remember those who take a genuine interest in who they are talking to. And that’s what this business is about. Finding your magic way of connecting with people in your community to create a bigger impact.

Our Mission

Getting better results through trust-based relationship selling starts with cultivating better connections. With Blue Heron, you don’t have to go it alone.

I love people. I love the stories and conversations that come through when you are connecting with someone. If you develop trust, the business will come. If you can provide a solution to the problem they are looking to solve, great! If you know someone who could help provide a solution, great!

If you’re frustrated because growth has stalled or you aren’t using your time to the best of your abilities, but think it’s riskier or more expensive to hire in-house full time, then we should chat. I can show you how creating trust-based selling can unlock your business potential.

Why “Blue Heron?”

Blue herons symbolize self-reliance and self-determination, which spoke to founder Emily Bissen. Blue herons can maneuver through life and co-create their own circumstances. Business development helps people build the confidence to understand that the service or product they offer provides value to people’s lives.

Who We Work With

My goal is to empower the people doing the leg work to get new business in the door and help develop a process that is unique to them so they can feel successful every day.


I have limited availability to work with key founders who want to set themselves up for success with their cool product or idea. 


Business development teams struggle without clear goals and consistent effort. We work to align expectations and provide clarity.

Meet Our Founder

sales training and coaching

Emily Bissen

Owner & Founder

When it comes to connections, conversations, and having fun making things happen, I am your gal. I created this business to help founders, business development, and sales professionals find the right strategies that help them connect with their ideal prospects with success and ease.

I have a background teaching middle school students, so I understand not everyone learns the same way or needs the same support.

For the past several years, I have helped fill rooms, book numerous speaking engagements, and build relationships with strategic partners and prospective clients. I’ve also developed relationships with clients and helped them make connections to folks they didn’t know they needed to meet. I worked on a team doing business development work and growing a firm that was part of a global business coaching franchise. With almost zero experience doing this work, I found my groove and added almost $1 million dollars in revenue to the organization, and much of that recurring.

“If you hang out with me for too long, I’ll brainwash you into believing in yourself and believing you can achieve anything.”

Emily has a way of empowering her clients to find their strengths and maximize them to their full potential. She makes getting outside of your comfort fun and less intimidating. I loved the resources she connected me with to look at things from a different lens and purpose to really go into situations with the willingness to truly learn about the person in front of me.

Jill Madsen


Emily has an amazing way of inspiring me and showing me how to have a more focused and effective business development process. Since working with Emily I have a better mindset and an organized plan to get more appointments and have better conversations. I would recommend Emily’s coaching expertise if you strive to make more profit and have a better business. She will show you how to make better connections, build better relationships, have a great mindset with a more effective plan.

Tom Marquez

Co-owner, ActionCOACH Mind Links

Emily builds community with her clients to find their strengths and in group settings, we are allowed to maximize our talents and networking skills by practicing them in her cohort. She makes getting outside of your comfort fun and less intimidating. I enjoyed the tips on attracting my ideal client with curiosity and consistency.

Araceli Esparza

Founder of Midwest Mujeres Collective, Diversity speaker, and Culture connector

Emily has a wealth of practical sales process knowledge and experience to share. She quickly helped me identify and implement enhancements to my sales procedures. Now when someone expresses an interest in what I do, my next steps are crystal clear. Selling now feels more natural because of Emily’s advice and support. She is also extremely responsive and generous with her time. Having Emily in your back pocket is a game changer!!

Brad Krueger

Success Beyond Luck

Emily is a business development genius and can help you become one too. I highly recommend her services. It has been a pleasure working with her.

Carolyn Jahnke

Athena Legal Solutions LLC

The Trust Equation

The trust equation evaluates the variables that contribute to someone’s ability to trust you. This includes your credibility, reliability, intimacy, and self-orientation.


Can someone trust what you say?


Do you do what you say you will do?


Do people feel safe and secure when sharing with you?


Do you put your focus on others when they speak?

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